As a next-gen simultaneous turn-based strategy card game, Rune Seeker is designed to combine the tactical depth of traditional card games with the limitless technological potential of blockchain.

Rune Seeker will be Free-to-play, but players can still win based purely on their own skill without initial investment.

Commanders will need to strategically utilize resources at their disposal to achieve victory through superiority in skill and accumulate valuable digital assets protected by NFT technology.


At the beginning of the match, each commander can place 3 Units on any tile, then waits for the map to be randomly generated. After the map is established, Units will either be boosted or debuffed according to their surrounding elements.

The reason for this is because the surrounding terrain carries the properties of the elements and these elements can affect a Unit's passive stats according to the principle of the Four Elements: Earth - Water - Fire - Air.

Each match on average takes place within 6 minutes and lasts about 3-4 rounds, with each round consisting of two main phases: Command and Action.

Players from both sides will place their champions wherever they wish on the map, then, the remaining tiles will randomly become terrain tiles.

During the Command Phase, commanders on both sides can use their Runes to command units and manipulate terrain changes. During the Action Phase, terrain and units will follow orders from their commander, and perform an action as assigned. This action can be attack, defense, transformation, fusion, or summon.

The match ends when one side destroys all enemy units. If the Runes are used up before that mark, the commander will lose control and the Units will attack automatically with programmed actions until the end of the match. After more than 3 rounds, the Astronomical Tower will activate the "Land of Chaos" mode, increasing the power of all Units to force the match to an end.

To emerge the victor, one needs to understand the game’s systems. Let's have a closer look into the inner workings of Rune Seeker.

Tokenomics Overview

Here are the three most important things you should remember about our non-inflation tokenomics:

A. Free-to-Play - does not reward players with tokens

Notably, unlike other GameFi that are currently available, players do not receive any $RUNES through gameplay. This also means that people won't have to worry about $RUNES becoming saturated if a lot of new players enter the market and their investment is affected.

B. No token generation during vesting

During the first 1.5 years, 45% of the total amount of $RUNES will be circulated in the market, and distributed monthly. Of which, 40% will come from initial investors who contribute resources to make this game possible, and 5% will be locked in a liquidity pool & CEX listing.

C. Seed Investor can participate in a special staking program

We created a series of bonus mechanisms specifically for those who stay, creating a more balanced game theory model where the seller would generate additional benefits for those who hold. Token of investors in the Seed round (and only investors in the Seed round) will act as shares, receiving dividends from advertising & in-app purchase revenues, and a part of the marketplace's fee.

We made a succinct video for everyone to understand the Rune Seeker's tokenomics, in 4 minutes: