Rune Seeker ensures a community-based experience while playing the game, through 4 main game modes

Battle Arena (PvP)

Battle Arena includes two modes: Normal and Ranked.

At the Arena, players will compete against each other, in real-time. The winner will gain bonus resources, experience points, and ranking points (in Ranked), the loser will receive less resources and experience, and their ranking point will be deducted (in Ranked).

Tower (PvP)

Every month, all players on the server will be placed in an Arena Tower to fight each other, but with a twist. The attacker will directly command his team to fight the strongest lineup of other players but set up and commanded by AI. The top 5 people with the highest score when the Tower event ends will receive great rewards including countless resources, experience points, and rare items.

Story (PvE)

Rune Seeker's dungeon system will be the main area for players to find resources, items, experience points, and explore the storyline. The commanders will be fighting their way through the dungeon, facing powerful enemies to find out the lore behind Rune Seeker.

Campaign (PvE)

Every month, for a short period of time, a Special Campaign will be opened so that all players on the server can work together to fight Legendary Bosses. Should the boss be defeated, the reward will be divided fairly among all participating commanders, with those who dealt more damage receiving more rewards.

Besides the main game modes, commanders can embark on interesting side quests that will pop up along their adventure.