Hero and Hero's Skin

Hero is the character that represents you inside the world of Rune Seeker. You will control the hero to explore the main story, fight other players, command the army and build the base.

Each player will start with the same default hero as the other player. Or they can own Hero skins to express their personality.

Rune Seeker has 12 skin sets for its Heroes, each with 6 components. Skins are randomly generated from the skin production pool. The skin combination system in Rune Seeker is as follows:

For this reason, only 12 complete sets with complete stats will be randomly generated out of over 2.9 million skins. Skins in Sets 3 (have 3 components from one set) and up have extra stats, giving them a slight advantage.

There will be a public database for all of the NFT skins, letting players know which sets have been opened and owned by whom, and which are still in the pool and have not appeared. This data system allows the players to select each piece of skin to find the set they want, find out who owns them, so they can contact to buy or trade it. This ensures that the rarity, real value and transparency of these particular NFTs are always envisioned and deeply understood by the community.

Because all Hero skins are NFT, their transaction history and prices are stored on the blockchain and publicly visible.